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1/12 Sermon
1/19 Sermon
1/26 Sermon
2/16 Sermon
3/9 Sermon
3/16 Sermon
3/23 Sermon
3/30 Sermon
4/13 Sermon
4/27 Sermon
5/11 Sermon
5/25 Sermon
6/8 Sermon
6/15 Sermon
6/22 Sermon
7/20 Sermon
7/27 Sermon
8/10 Sermon
8/17 Sermon
8/31 Sermon
9/21 Sermon (delivered in New Britain, CT)
9/28 Sermon
10/12 Sermon
10/19 Sermon
10/26 Sermon
11/9 Sermon
11/16 Sermon
11/23 Sermon
12/14 Sermon
12/21 Sermon
12/25 Sermon (Nativity of Christ)
12/28 Sermon
(Delivered by Fr. Dn. Stephen Osburn, Jr.)


1/11 Sermon (For My yoke is easy...)
1/18 Sermon (A Profound Sadness - Sanctity of Life)
1/25 Sermon (Hunting Passions)
2/8 Sermon (Exile and Return)
2/15 Sermon (Lent is not about me)
2/22 Sermon (Cast off the works of darkness)
3/8 Sermon (Encounters with the Lord)
3/22 Sermon (I believe, Lord, help my unbelief)
3/29 Sermon (Apostle or Prostitute?)
4/5 Sermon (Kingship and Resurrection)
4/19 Sermon (The doors being shut...)
4/26 Sermon (Caring for the Body of Christ)
5/3 Sermon (The Three Pools at Bethesda)
5/17 Sermon (Washing and Sight)
5/24 Sermon (That funny little Sunday...)
5/31 Sermon (Understanding, Church, Fire - Pentecost)
6/7 Sermon (Mutilation and Holiness)
6/14 Sermon (Not hearers of the law, but doers)
6/21 Sermon (Charleston. Las Vegas. Quid pro Quo.)
6/28 Sermon (Authority - slaves of sin or righteousness?)
7/5 Sermon (Zeal but no knowledge)
7/12 Sermon (Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good.)
8/9 Sermon (Find your cave...)
8/16 Sermon (We choose to be carried in His arms...)
8/23 Sermon (Walking away sorrowful...)
8/30 Sermon (Community...Delivered by Fr. Dn. Stephen Osburn Jr.)
9/6 Sermon (Where's your wedding garment?)
9/13 Sermon (An earthen vessel and the Cross.)
9/20 Sermon (The width and depth of the Cross)
9/27 Sermon (Choosing to be a fisher of men...Delivered by Fr. Dn. Stephen Osburn Jr.)
10/4 Sermon (Cain or Abel?)
10/18 Sermon (Sun or Storm Clouds?)
10/25 Sermon (Lazarus is the Church)
11/8 Sermon (The Angelic Life)
11/15 Sermon (Will I let the Samaritan heal me?)
11/22 Sermon (Do you want to be called 'fool'?)
12/6 Sermon (Feel the backhand of justice...Delivered by Fr. Dn. Stephen Osburn Jr.)
12/13 Sermon (Riverdance, Michael Bublé and the Packers)
12/20 Sermon (Blood, Behavior, and Birth)
12/25 Sermon (Christ is Born!)


1/3 Sermon (The two ends of the Revelation)
1/6 Sermon (Golden Opprotunity and the Minnesota Twins...Delivered by Fr. Dn. Stephen Osburn Jr.)
1/10 Sermon (The REAL Jackpot...)
1/17 Sermon (Changing our lives to fit Christ's Agenda ..Delivered by Fr. Dn. Stephen Osburn Jr.)
1/24 Sermon (Radical change when healed...)
1/31 Sermon (It's the small things...)
2/7 Sermon (Neither hot nor cold, just lukewarm...)
2/14 Sermon (I have no desire other than Your holy will...)
2/28 Sermon (Exile into nothingness, return to glory)
4/3 Sermon (Forgetting the cost of redemption...)
4/17 Sermon (Fear and Amazement)
4/24 Sermon (Palm Sunday)
5/8 Sermon (Doubt, Crucifixion, Inspiration...)
5/22 Sermon (The opposite of paralysis is not movement, but freedom...)
5/29 Sermon (Livng Water: Spirit, Repentance, Evangelism)
6/12 Sermon (Wait to be imbued with Power...)
6/19 Sermon (A heart on fire, warm and light-filled...)
7/3 Sermon (Freedom is a two-edged sword)
7/10 Sermon (I can't change society, but I can change myself...)
7/17 Sermon (Three Questions)
7/24 Sermon (The Eternal Present)
8/7 Sermon (Why can't we see?)
8/21 Sermon (A foundation to withstand the fire...)
8/28 Sermon (The Inner Child...)
9/4 Sermon (Labor)
9/11 Sermon (The riches of His glory...)
10/2 Sermon (The golden rule is a simple rule...)
10/9 Sermon (Authority. Compassion, Power.)
10/16 Sermon (Becoming the sower...)
10/23 Sermon (Stewards of each other...)
10/30 Sermon (Living among the tombs?)
11/13 Sermon (A broken nation waiting for a Samaritan...)
11/20 Sermon (Whose treasure?)


Children's Sermons

9/27/09 (LUKE 5:1-11)
11/29/09 (Thanksgiving)
10/31/10 (Halloween and Evil)
11/4/12 (Golden-mouthed)
12/2/12 (Riches)

3/3/13 (Return to our Father)
6/2/13 (Spirit and Truth)
8/4/13 (ABCs of faith)
9/8/13 (The Great Amen)
11/3/13 (When you are scared...)
1/5/14 (Water)
2/9/14 (Publican and Pharisee)
3/2/14 (Forgiveness, Fasting and Treasure)
4/6/14 (St. Mary and the Door)
5/4/14 (Am I the stone?)
9/7/14 (A Very Special Lady)
10/5/14 (The Golden Rule)
11/2/14 (Halloween and the real demons)
12/7/14 (St. Nicholas - Love, Charity and Faith)
2/1/15 (Behaviors)
3/1/15 (Restoring the image...)
12/4/16 ("Martyr" menas "witness")

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